Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Exceptional industries

Six-digit NAICS (2002) codes that include the word "except" in their titles, with the warning that industry code humor is subtle and beyond the reach of most:

  • 111120 Oilseed (except soybean) farming
  • 111219 Other vegetable (except potato) and melon farming
  • 111320 Citrus (except orange) groves
  • 111334 Berry (except strawberry) farming
  • 115114 Postharvest crop activities (except cotton ginning)
  • 213115 Support activities for nonmetallic minerals (except fuels) mining
  • 236115 New single-family housing construction (except operative builders)
  • 236116 New multifamily housing construction (except operative builders)
  • 311611 Animal (except poultry) slaughtering
  • 313312 Textile and fabric finishing (except broadwoven fabric) mills
  • 315223 Men's and boys' cut and sew shirt (except work shirt) manufacturing
  • 316213 Men's footwear (except athletic) manufacturing
  • 316214 Women's footwear (except athletic) manufacturing
  • 316993 Personal leather good (except women's handbag and purse) manufacturing
  • 321213 Engineered wood member (except truss) manufacturing
  • 322121 Paper (except newsprint) mills
  • 325414 Biological product (except diagnostic) manufacturing
  • 326113 Unlaminated plastics film and sheet (except packaging) manufacturing
  • 326130 Laminated plastics plate, sheet (except packaging), and shape manufacturing
  • 326150 Urethane and other foam product (except polystyrene) manufacturing
  • 326211 Tire manufacturing (except retreading)
  • 331419 Primary smelting and refining of nonferrous metal (except copper and aluminum)
  • 331422 Copper wire (except mechanical) drawing
  • 331491 Nonferrous metal (except copper and aluminum) rolling, drawing, and extruding
  • 331492: Secondary smelting, refining, and alloying of nonferrous metal (except copper and aluminum)
  • 331513 Steel foundries (except investment)
  • 331522 Nonferrous (except aluminum) die-casting foundries
  • 331524 Aluminum foundries (except die-casting)
  • 331525 Copper foundries (except die-casting)
  • 331528 Other nonferrous foundries (except die-casting)
  • 332211 Cutlery and flatware (except precious) manufacturing
  • 332211 Cutlery and flatware (except precious) manufacturing
  • 332812 Metal coating, engraving (except jewelry and silverware), and allied services to manufacturers
  • 332993 Ammunition (except small arms) manufacturing
  • 333414 Heating equipment (except warm air furnaces) manufacturing
  • 333997 scale and balance (except laboratory) manufacturing)
  • 334612 Prerecorded compact disc (except software), tape, and record reproducing
  • 336330 Motor vehicle steering and suspension components (except spring) manufacturing
  • 337125 Household furniture (except wood and metal) manufacturing
  • 337214 Office furniture (except wood) manufacturing
  • 339911 Jewelry (except costume) manufacturing
  • 423810 Construction and mining (except oil well) machinery and equipment merchant wholesalers
  • 423860 Transportation equipment and supplies (except motor vehicle) merchant wholesalers
  • 424430 Dairy product (except dried or canned) merchant wholesalers
  • 424720 Petroleum and petroleum products merchant wholesalers (except bulk stations and terminals)
  • 423810 Construction and mining (except oil well) machinery and equipment merchant wholesalers)
  • 423860 Transportation equipment and supplies (except motor vehicle) merchant wholesalers)
  • 424430 Dairy product (except dried or canned) merchant wholesalers
  • 445110 Supermarkets and other grocery (except convenience) stores
  • 452111 Department stores (except discount department stores)
  • 453998 All other miscellaneous store retailers (except tobacco stores)
  • 484220 Specialized freight (except used goods) trucking, local
  • 484230 Specialized freight (except used goods) trucking, long-distance
  • 512131 Motion picture theaters (except drive-ins)
  • 524128 Other direct insurance (except life, health, and medical) carriers
  • 531120 Lessors of nonresidential buildings (except miniwarehouses)
  • 533110 Lessors of nonfinancial intangible assets (except copyrighted works)
  • 541370 Surveying and mapping (except geophysical) services
  • 561621 Security systems services (except locksmiths)
  • 621111 Offices of physicians (except mental health specialists)
  • 621330 Offices of mental health practitioners (except physicians)
  • 622310 Specialty (except psychiatric and substance abuse) hospitals
  • 713210 Casinos (except casino hotels)
  • 721110 Hotels (except casino hotels) and motels
  • 721214 Recreational and vacation camps (except campgrounds)
  • 811310 Commercial and industrial machinery and equipment (except automotive and electronic) repair and maintenance
  • 812320 Drycleaning and laundry services (except coin-operated)
  • 812910 Pet care (except veterinary) services
  • 812921 Photofinishing laboratories (except one-hour)
  • 813990 Other similar organizations (except business, professional, labor, and political organizations)
  • 923130 Administration of human resource programs (except education, public health, and veterans' affairs programs)

So, for example, there are two kinds of vegetables & melons: potatoes, and other vegetables & melons. There are two kinds of hotels/motels: casino hotels, and the others. There are two kinds of foam products: polystyrene, and the others. The metals examples are instructive, demonstrating the value of iron/steel, aluminum, and copper in manufacturing.

Now go impress people at parties.


  1. You could even slyly pun with this at those parties: "That would be very interesting, EXCEPT you are not using the right NAICS code, pal"

    1. Haha, yes. Will keep that up my sleeve.

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